2021-03-31 19:59:05

Xiaomi declassified its first car

The famous electronics company has unveiled its first car - a house on wheels. 

Xiaomi Group CEO Lei Jun did not talk much about the new camper. The car was assembled in a single form for one of the company's fans, who wanted to get a New Year vehicle, which has "smart home" devices Xiaomi. The car is suitable for traveling around the world.

Xiaomi engineers created the car for three months. Most likely, the design of new items was developed based on a minibus Maxus V90 from SAIC.

Lei Jun also added that he had no idea that Xiaomi would create a house on wheels as its first car.

The novelty living module has many electronics, such as Xiaomi smart home gadgets (air conditioner, air cleaner, coffee maker, kettle, wide-screen TV, and laptop).