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2016-02-19 14:51:30
Record Number of Cars was sold by Volvo Last Year

Volvo got rid of more than half-a-million vehicles for the first time in the 89-year-old history last year.

2016-02-18 15:19:36
Geneva, Meet Volvo V40 Facelift!

Volvo has stated that its refreshed V40 will be seen at this year’s Swiss auto show.

2016-02-11 16:54:01
Rear-End Crashes will be Reduced by 41 Percent Thankfully to Volvo City Safety System

The IIIHS has conducted a research on Volvo‘s City Safety system.

2016-01-27 16:07:14
Meet Volvo XC90 T5 in America

Not long ago the Volvo XC90 was named the North American Truck/Utility of the Year. The automaker wants to keep the whole thing going on and develop an innovated entry-level version in America.

2016-01-04 14:08:37
Bespoke Car Service from Volvo

Volvo wants to launch a bespoke service for clients who would like more unique or high-end colours on their vehicles.

2016-01-04 14:06:38
Undisguised 2016 Volvo V90

The latest Volvo V90 has been spotted without camouflage before its official presentation scheduled for the Motor Show in Geneva in March.

2015-12-14 15:10:52
Expect the Arrival of Volvo S90 Coupe by 2020

Expect an S90 Coupe from Volvo by 2020.

2015-12-04 18:21:41
Hybrid Polestar Performance Vehicles are planned by Volvo

The Volvo S90 has been presented. Now the automaker is thinking about a high-performance Polestar version.

2015-11-03 15:34:55
350HP for Volvo XC90 by Polestar

Polestar owned by Volvo has stated that a beefier XC90 will come out soon with a better configuration of its engine.

2015-10-22 15:15:50
Volvo T6 Engine with 4-Wheel Drive

Volvo has gladdened us with a few updates for the new model year.

2015-10-21 15:57:14
Restyled V90 from Volvo Leaked on the Web again

One more styling for a coming-soon Volvo has leaked into the Web. See the pictures of a scale offering of the next year’s Volvo V90 on a Chinese vehicle site.

2015-10-16 16:37:16
Pictures of Volvo S90's Interior

Volvo made up a decision to remove the cabin disguises from the S90 prototypes. Paparazzi managed to catch some pictures of them.

2015-09-18 17:26:22
The XC90 Polestar from Volvo might have 450 HP

Volvo with a 450-hp powerplant may find the chance to develop the XC90 Polestar offering.

2015-08-25 17:38:21
2017 S90 from Volvo was caught during its Testing

For the first time! The innovated 2017 Volvo S90 has been spied during testing by paparazzi.

2015-06-26 13:34:44
A Second-Gen Volvo XC60 spied!

A WCF reader has spied a hidden prototype of the 2nd-generation Volvo XC60.

2015-06-17 14:19:08
The XC90 influenced the 2017 Volvo S90's Style

The coming-soon restyled 2017 Volvo S90 will have a serious influence of the latest 2016 XC90 SUV.

2015-05-12 14:54:27
Volvo is building a New Factory in South Carolina

Volvo is building its first plant in North America.

2015-04-27 13:24:17
A Stylish Carrier Rendering from Volvo MPV

Theophilus Chin has envisioned a van with the Volvo badge and the automaker’s latest style language.

2015-04-15 13:44:38
Is a Hybrid Technology Possible for All Future Volvo Vehicles?!

The latest report states that all new Volvo models will be offered in a hybrid variant from now.

2015-03-31 10:10:04
Volvo Wants to Establish Manufacturing in America

Volvo is going to establish a producing presence in America, nevertheless it requires approximately a $500 million investment.

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