2020-12-14 22:54:24

Volkswagen is testing new unique charging stations

Electricity consumed by an electric car is often recovered at the expense of the alternating current network and "fast" charging stations. 

However, Volkswagen has invented and made the latest type of charging station! A novelty is a wall-mounted compact DC Wallbox with a power of 22 kW, which is two times more potent than a standard wall charger. 

The new charger can charge an electric vehicle faster than other alternative devices. The benefits of the new product will have the best impact on infrastructure development and control. DC Wallbox supports 2-way charging technology. The battery of an electric vehicle is used as an energy storage device. 

The automaker is currently testing the new device at its factories. The company was sent to tests 20 "boxes." After that, the final decision will be made regarding their serial reincarnation.