2019-12-23 20:47:24

Volkswagen has to pay a fine of $86 million

A court in Australia imposed a fine on Volkswagen to record money for the country.

The amount amounted to 125 million Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 86 million US dollars.

The fine is associated with the company's manipulation of sensors that fix emissions. BBC News writes that the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission claims 57,000 cars that were brought to Australia from 2011 to 2015 with false information about the harmfulness of emissions, underestimating it.

Recall that manipulation of regulators in the United States declassified in the fall of 2015. It became known that Volkswagen cars with diesel have software that provides on tests an underestimated ten times the amount of harmful substances in exhaust gases.

Volkswagen admitted to manipulation, saying that such software has appeared in 11 million cars around the world.