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2017-06-22 20:31:02
Crossover Upgrade For Toyota Prius C In Japan

Toyota has revealed details about a coming-soon update to the Prius C line in Australia. 

2017-05-12 12:31:17
Lower Price For 2017 Toyota RAV4

The usual price for 2017 Toyota RAV4 has been lowered by $500 in America.

2017-04-28 12:20:50
Recall: Latest Toyota Tacomas Could Feature Oil Leak

Almost 228,000 Tacoma pickups from Toyota fall under a recall.

2017-03-25 17:57:52
Toyota And Microsoft: Connected Car Technology

Toyota needs access to Microsoft’s connected car patents.

2017-03-20 11:20:33
More Details About Toyota Supra

Paparazzi got a chance to obtain a close up of the latest Supra from Toyota.

2017-02-17 15:29:22
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Are Recalled By Toyota

Almost 2,840 Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars from Toyota fall under a global recall.

2017-02-15 14:08:15
10 Million Hybrids Were Sold By Toyota

It has passed 20 years since the launch of the first Prius. Now Toyota proposes 34 hybrid offerings.

2017-02-03 14:28:49
Toyota Sold More Cars Than VW

Even though VW Group may be the global largest automaker, it was Toyota that outsold its competitor from Germany.

2017-01-25 14:39:17
Toyota Supra Reveals More of Coupe's Styling

The Supra from Toyota has been spotted during winter testing.

2017-01-25 14:38:14
New Jobs In Indiana Are Provided By Toyota

Toyota is going to invest more than $600 million into its factory located in Princeton (Indiana).

2017-01-16 15:00:08
Toyota Provides TRD Parts For C-HR And 86 Sports Cars

TRD, Toyota’s aftermarket division, has developed some one-time-off variants of the C-HR crossover as well as 86 vehicles to be presented at the Auto Salon in Tokyo.

2016-12-14 14:41:10
A Sketch Of Hot Yaris From Toyota

The automaker uploaded a teaser of its coming-soon Yaris. The news came out on the heels of the company’s latest World Rally Championship contender.

2016-12-09 13:29:15
The Next-Gen 86 From Toyota Is In The Pipeline

Toyota is going to have at least one sports vehicle in the range for the foreseeable future.

2016-12-02 13:53:32
A Teaser Of America's Best-Selling Vehicle Makeover

The innovated 2018 Camry from Toyota will be presented at the next year’s Auto Show held in Detroit.

2016-11-18 21:26:20
2018 C-HR From Toyota

Originally heading to the U.S. as a Scion model, offering, but now it will be sold as Toyota.

2016-11-04 17:18:02
Toyota Declines Diesel-Powered C-HR Crossover

The C-HR crossover from Toyota will be left without a diesel engine.

2016-10-10 17:08:19
List Of The 2017 World Car of the Year Award Nominees

Get acquainted with the list of nominees for the next year’s World Car of the Year award.

2016-09-21 19:41:24
$58,365 for 2017 Toyota Mirai

The next year’s Toyota Mirai’s MSRP will be the same as this year’s.

2016-07-22 14:41:44
TRD Off-Road Trims for 2017 Toyota 4Runner

Toyota is coming up with the newest off-road trims to the next year’s 4Runner.

2016-05-23 15:12:02
Toyota and Kamen Will Create Revolutionary Robotic Wheelchairs

Toyota and Dean Kamen cooperate to offer mobility solutions for the disabled community. They are going to create the next-gen iBOT motorized wheelchair.

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