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2020-11-29 13:45:20
Toyota Yaris Cross debuted in Australia

The car is part of the C-HR line, which is based on the Toyota Yaris

2020-11-19 01:29:20
The snapshot helped to declassify the new Toyota Allion sedan fully

A photo of the new generation Toyota Allion sedan has spread on the Internet

2020-09-21 19:07:33
Toyota's new hypercar for public roads revealed to the public

Toyota presented a prototype of the GR Super Sport hypermobile. The debut of the car took place before the 24 Hours of Le Mans marathon

2020-07-19 12:35:35
Toyota Camry has been updated

The car will be selling now in the US market

2020-07-07 17:10:02
Toyota's latest crossover to debut on June 9

Toyota representatives showed an all-new short cross-country teaser, which provides with Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-30, and Nissan Kicks

2020-06-04 17:50:13
Toyota Hilux updated and debuted

Toyota showed in the photo an updated version of the Hilux pickup

2020-05-29 23:18:53
Photo of the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado released

Judging by the new photos, Toyota LC Prado 180 will turn into an SUV

2020-05-11 20:38:35
Toyota Highlander of the new generation appeared in all its glory

Toyota presented the huge Highlander SUV of a new generation for Europe, which premiered a year after the debut of the North American version

2020-05-04 20:53:14
Toyota Prius will appear in a particular version on the 20th anniversary

Toyota decided to make a particular Prius jubilee version for the 20th anniversary of the model in the North American car market

2020-04-27 20:53:12
Toyota sold 15 million hybrid cars worldwide

For the period until January of this year, Toyota managed to overcome the milestone of 15 million hybrids sold worldwide, taking into account the first launch of the Prius in 1997

2020-04-23 19:52:50
Toyota has presented a new small all-wheel-drive SUV

Toyota has unveiled the brand new compact Yaris Cross SUV, which in the company's lineup is located in front of the C-HR model

2020-04-15 18:31:29
Toyota has a new SUV with a digital mirror

Toyota held the presentation of the fourth-generation Harrier crossover

2020-04-13 18:57:02
New compact Toyota SUV got more information about itself

Toyota's new compact SUV, which will be made on the Yaris base, will acquire a 1.5-liter engine and all-wheel-drive system

2020-03-23 18:52:26
The premiere of newest Toyota Land Cruiser postponed for next year

Toyota has decided to postpone the debut of the new generation Land Cruiser SUV for one year

2020-01-22 18:25:45
Toyota calls 3.4 million cars for repair

Toyota is launching a global recall of 3.4 million cars.

2020-01-20 20:03:02
Toyota Land Cruiser 300 premiere will be held in summer

The new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser from the 300 series will be officially declassified in August 2020

2020-01-15 20:10:59
For Europe prepared budget Toyota Supra

An affordable version of Toyota Supra will get a 2.0-liter turbo engine, which the model has in Japan

2019-12-25 14:48:32
Toyota Supra fights BMW Z4 at the Nurburgring (VIDEO)

The Toyota Supra GR sports car was paired with the BMW Z4 platform at the Nurburgring track to find out who is better.

2019-12-12 17:47:23
Toyota announced the debut of a 'hot' Yaris

Toyota will declassify the 'charged' version of the Yaris hatch, which takes the GR designation for a name

2019-12-06 18:36:07
The Car of the year in Japan identified

The winner of the Car of the Year Japan is Toyota RAV4

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