2017-12-29 14:20:11

Vilner Worked On Toyota Land Cruiser

Vilner gave Toyota LandCruiser a plush makeover. The SUV is based on an eight-cylinder turbo-diesel Land Cruiser.

has been given a plush makeover by aftermarket trim specialists, Vilner.

The aftermarket trim specialist changed the vehicle from the inside. Alcantara upholstery, a re-trimmed helm, Bordeaux-coloured leather and front seats from an “E60” BMW 5 Series were included in those changes.

The eight-cylinder LandCruiser by the artist boasts a ports bag matching the cabin with red leather and contrasting “carbon-fibber” leather. There also is real carbon fibber on the buckles.

The brand says that the red cabin and black exterior combination came from the 930 Targa from Porsche.