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2015-09-09 17:15:24
Deliveries of Tesla Model X begin on September 29

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has stated that the deliveries of the latest Model X will start on September 29.

2015-09-03 15:39:16
See First Photos of Production Tesla Model X!

The first pictures of the production variant of Tesla Model X have emerged on the Web.

2015-05-05 15:06:06
Tesla sells Pre-Owned Sedans Online

Tesla is selling Model S electric sedans which have already been in usage.

2015-03-25 13:52:11
2016 Model X from Tesla was caught on Public Roads

Tesla is setting its third car to arrive on the market.

2015-03-19 16:45:26
Get Tesla Model S Convertible on eBay for $125,000!

A Tesla Model S became a four-dour convertible and appeared on eBay.

2015-03-12 16:52:05
Apple Shareholders want their CEO to buy Tesla

Apple is buying Tesla! Is this a rumour?

2014-12-30 00:53:28
Tesla Roadster 3.0 Gains More than 400-Miles of Range

Tesla Roadster obtainers should not be envious of Model S obtainers and their line-up in the nearest future.

2014-11-26 13:08:06
Saleen Gives New Names for the Tesla Variant S Packages

The Saleen-adjusted Tesla Model S which has name the “Foursixteen” before has gained a new name.

2014-10-06 14:57:54
Images of Tesla Model S P85D in America

The images of the Tesla Model S P85D have been caught by paparazzi in the U.S. before its official presentation on October 9.

2014-09-01 15:26:59
Least Popular Car List Revealed

As it turns out, good results of Tesla Model S look good on paper, but in reality there are no so many adherent of it. Even in the lowest strata.

2014-08-22 15:54:06
Software Security Becomes Priority of Tesla

The American auto brand famous for its electric vehicles is seriously concerned with technological safety of its products and decided to stay on the safe side before it is too late.

2014-08-14 12:01:31
Numerous Troubles of Tesla Model S

While some sources cannot seem to stop oozing praises to Model S, the others methodically refuse to see the bright side.

2014-08-08 00:53:45
R&D Money Black Hole of Tesla

Second half of the year is so far a continuous disappointment for Tesla in terms of expenses.

2014-07-15 11:54:32
Major Accident with Tesla Model S

One of Tesla Model S vehicles lasted for literally a couple of metres after the purchase.

2014-06-05 14:50:02
Mid-Cycle Renovation for Tesla Roadster

Model S saloon gathers the largest publicity in Tesla array, but those who are interested in Roadster also get pleasant news.

2014-05-09 22:12:05
Dealership Delay of Tesla Model X

Unfortunately, American enthusiasts of Tesla Model X will not be able to ride them in 2014.

2014-05-01 15:40:34
An Even Hundred of Tesla Superchargers

In caring for the drivers who want to have a steady supply of charge for their trips Tesla keeps expanding its Supercharger network.

2014-04-10 14:51:19
Tesla Model S Goes for Lease for American Businessmen

Notification about the start of business leasing programme has appeared at corporate web page.

2014-02-19 13:06:38
Will Apple Purchase Tesla?

The source of the rumour is the fact that CEO of the carmaker conducted a meeting with mergers and acquisitions executive of the tech giant.

2014-02-12 14:32:02
Wing Doors for Model X Falcon of Tesla to be Introduced Soon

Having won the fame of the least practical element of the Tesla’s crossover, unusual doors will soon be produced on a full-scale.

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