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2019-11-28 18:32:28
Dubai police will have a Tesla pickup

The Dubai police will have at their disposal several Tesla Cybertruck electric pickups after some time.

2019-11-24 16:05:25
Presentation of the first Tesla electric pickup (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Tesla Motors has unveiled the first-ever pickup truck with an electrical installation - Cybertruck.

2019-11-07 18:41:29
Elon Musk announced the Tesla pickup debut date

The first electric pickup by Tesla Motors will have a debut on November 21

2019-10-21 17:17:28
Tesla continues to prepare for a record race at the Nurburgring

Tesla is once again testing new versions of Model S at the Nurburgring.

2019-10-03 18:07:02
Tesla Model Y testes on the road (VIDEO)

The SUV from Tesla tested on public roads. Model Y, according to experts, will show even more successful sales results than Model 3

2019-09-20 17:24:00
The breakdown didn't allow Tesla Model S to break the Nurburgring record (VIDEO)

Tesla planned to double the Porsche Tycan record at the Nurburgring, but one of the 3-engine Model S broke.

2019-09-04 20:24:51
Tesla will make vegetarian versions of electric cars

An announcement was made by Tesla, according to which a new Model Y electric car will appear next year, take several 'vegan' versions.

2019-07-29 10:14:42
When will the production of a new SUV from Tesla start?

At Tesla, they decided where they would produce their new Model Y crossover with an electrical installation.

2019-06-03 18:23:06
Elon Musk told about the price of the first Tesla pickup

Tesla's first electric pickup truck will be offered a price of $50,000.

2019-05-20 18:44:06
Is Tesla going bankrupt as early as 2020?

The current spending level of Tesla's money can run out in 10 months.

2019-04-29 14:51:52
The new Tesla Roadster will have a 1000-kilometer power reserve

Tesla Roadster electric supercar will get a long-range power reserve.

2019-04-25 19:55:05
Tesla lost more than $700 million over 3 months

Tesla Motors for the first quarter of 2019 has missed as much as 702 million dollars.

2019-04-11 17:45:16
Tesla Model S turns into the home

Tesla Model S tried the role of a mobile home.

2019-03-15 23:13:38
Elon Musk announces the timing of a first Tesla pickup

Tesla will demonstrate the first electric truck by the end of this year. Most likely in the summer.

2019-03-15 19:11:04
Tesla Model Y officially debuts

Tesla presented a brand new compact electric Model Y SUV.

2019-03-11 18:20:02
Tesla Model Y has appeared on a new teaser

Tesla showed a new Model Y crossover on the teaser. It shows a front part of an electric car.

2019-03-04 19:14:52
New SUV from Tesla got the premiere date

The new compact cross on electricity Tesla Model Y will debut officially on March 14th.

2019-02-20 18:13:49
Tesla will begin production of fully autonomous cars in 2020

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the Western media that by the end of 2019, work on the function of driving in their electric vehicles would end.

2019-01-29 21:08:29
Tesla cars will scare away thieves with Bach music

Tesla's special car security system will start playing "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach when he tries to rob a car.​

2019-01-11 19:44:43
Tesla ends selling Model S and Model X budget modifications

On January 14, Tesla Motors will end up with sales of budget Model S sedans and Model X crossovers, which have a 75D index.​

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