2017-01-20 18:50:13

There Will Be No Recall Because Of Fatal Tesla Model S Autopilot Crash

The NHTSA has finished investigating a fatal crash in a Model S from Tesla. There was no any recall.

Joshua Brown was killed during a crash of his Model S and a tractor trailer. That is why the investigation started. The vehicle’s Autopilot system was turned on during the accident. The company’s CEO stated that the vehicle tuned out the large white side of the truck as it looked as an overhead road sign. The Model S does this in order to avoid improper braking events.

It was stated that the driver of the vehicle may have been watching a film during the accident. The automaker says that when Autopilot is on, the system needs to keep one’s hands on the helm all the time. In other words, the driver has to maintain responsibility and control over the car.

After that the company has updated the set-up. Now Autopilot makes alerts for the driver so that he or she put the hands on the helm. The system is also able to identify objects and cars more accurately.