2017-04-14 17:19:01

Expect New Teslas Car This September

The company’s CEO stated that this vehicle is “seriously next level.”

The Model III from Tesla will go to production soon. The producer is keeping an eye on its newest m offering. It is a semi truck. There is not much information about it, but you will see it with a fully-electric powerplant. According to the company’s CEO, the team has amazingly worked.

Last year in summer Musk outlined the producer’s master plan and stated then that fully-electric heavy-duty trucks are expected in the market. The Semi should deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo transport. Meanwhile it should increase safety and be a fun to operate.

The CEO also made a follow up tweet stating that the pickup truck will be presented in 18-24 months. This one should cater to a larger audience in comparison with the semi truck that is expected this year.