2016-08-08 20:31:40

Eco-Friendly Car Washes at Superchargers To Be Offered By Tesla

If to believe a report that comes from Electrek, Tesla might present a new vehicle wash service as the growing Supercharger network.

Nothing is known for now, but the producer could cooperate with Eco Green Auto Clean. This company knows how to clean off the dirt in an eco-friendly way.

Tesla is having a pilot project at its Fremont plant located in California. They are testing Eco Green Auto Clean’s services there. If everything comes out good, Tesla will provide other supercharger stations as well.

In case the parties will come to an agreement, Tesla will provide it as a subscription for the customers who own Model S (nearly $80 monthly). Meanwhile the Model X will be around $90 per month. Program will also cover the Model 3. The deliveries will start in 2017. The owners will be able to have their vehicles washed 2 times per month.