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2018-03-14 21:43:53
Subaru informing of the newest Forester

In the company Subaru spread the first teaser drawing of new generation Forester.

2017-11-24 23:14:33
Subaru published a teaser of the new 7-seat crossover Asquent

The new model Subaru - seven-crossover Ascent will officially be presented on November 28 at the Auto Show in Los Angeles, but for now the Japanese brand has shown the debutant's teaser.

2017-10-31 17:22:00
Subaru And Nissan have Similar Problems

Subaru has too failed to comply with inspection regulations of Japan’s transport ministry.

2017-07-24 20:01:12
Subaru Set a Nurburgring Lap Record

Representatives of the company Subaru managed to establish the time of the Nurburgring circle. From the nuances it should be noted that the custom rather than the serial model of the car was used.

2017-05-31 18:29:58
Expect BRZ STI From Subaru To Bow On June 8

Subaru has started a teaser campaign for the BRZ STI.

2017-04-26 14:20:59
Get 2017 WRX S-Edition From Subaru

Here comes one more special-edition version of the Subaru WRX.

2016-12-28 14:32:23
New Subaru Impreza WRX Will Come Out Only In 2020

The latest Subaru Impreza 5 door is great, but unfortunately, we shall not see it that soon. We shall have to wait until 2020.

2016-05-20 14:51:09
$22,595 for the 2017 Forester from Subaru

Subaru has shared information about the 2017 Forester pricing. It will start from $22,595. The vehicle will arrive at dealerships this summer.

2016-05-16 14:57:17
50th Anniversary of Subaru's Flat Engine

What are your associations with Boxer? Right after the short-haired breed of medium-sized dogs comes the horizontally-opposed combustion engine produced by Subaru. By the way, now it is 50 years old!

2016-04-27 15:15:06
Subaru EyeSight Technology will receive Help from IBM's Watson

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is famous for its appearance on Jeopardy. However, it can help to make safer vehicles!

2016-04-18 13:52:33
Price for the 2017 Subaru WRX creeps up

The next year’s Subaru WRX is facing a slight price bump. The vehicle can be obtained in regular, Premium and Limited trims. Its price will kick off from $27,515 together with destination.

2016-03-04 14:29:28
15 Millionth 4WD Vehicle from Subaru!

Subaru is a producer well-known for four-wheel drive and quickness. The Japanese producer has stated that it has manufactured its 15 millionth car fitted with four-corner traction.

2016-02-10 18:33:50
Red Subaru Crosstrek Special Edition

See an new image from Subaru! It depicts the innovated limited-run Crosstrek Special Edition.

2015-12-01 13:05:27
One More Record Breaking Year for Subaru in American Sales

Subaru has revealed that this year proved to be one more record braking sales year for the producer in the U.S.

2015-11-10 15:00:03
New roomy Subaru to come from the American production site

Lafayette plant will be busy making the next crossover from Subaru.

2015-11-09 14:31:12
Subaru and Toyota will create Next-Gen BRZ

A report suggests that Toyota and Subaru are going to create and produce the next-gen BRZ, FR-S and GT-86 sports vehicles together.

2015-10-14 13:27:47
Information about the WRX STI NR4 from Subaru

Subaru Australia has shared new information on the WRX STI NR4.

2015-07-17 15:08:05
32K Imprezas fall under Subaru Recall over Problems with Airbags

Subaru makes a recall for almost 32,000 Impreza sedans because of a problem with their airbag sensor.

2015-07-17 15:07:27
Improvements of Subaru XV

Subaru has presented some enhancements for the XV crossover.

2015-06-30 12:16:21
UK, meet the Subaru Levorg GT this September!

The Subaru Levorg GT will reach British dealers in the coming months.

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