2016-04-27 15:15:06

Subaru EyeSight Technology will receive Help from IBM's Watson

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is famous for its appearance on Jeopardy. However, it can help to make safer vehicles!

Fuji Heavy Industries, the owner of Subaru joined with IBM Japan to produce advanced driver assist set-ups. It has improved its current EyeSight with the help of IBM Japan’s experience in data analysis, cloud and AI technologies.

A system integrating and managing huge amounts of test image data has been created thankfully to this cooperation. The new system allows a quick search and analysis of test images. It became usable in April. The innovation should bring enhanced development efficiency. Besides, it will help to design more advanced driver assist set-ups.

The two companies want to investigate the building of an innovated system using IBM Watson IoT for Automotive. Based on IBM cloud, this solution could help to create next-gen driver assist set-ups with the newest technologies in the cloud and AI.

Fuji Heavy Industries is running for “zero vehicle accidents”, just like the other car producers.