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2015-06-08 13:16:08
Skoda Rapid Scout without Camouflage!

Paparazzi have caught several spy photos of the Skoda Rapid Scout.

2015-06-03 14:15:32
Paparazzi pictured Skoda Snowman / Polar Latest Test Mule in the Alps

The Skoda Snowman / Polar latest test mule has been snapped in the Alps before its official reveal in the end of this year.

2015-05-11 14:55:32
Rendering of Skoda Snowman / Polar before its Reveal in the end of 2015

The coming-soon seven-seat SUV from Skoda has been speculatively envisioned before its official presentation scheduled for the end of 2015.

2015-05-08 14:49:03
Meet the Fabia Combi R5 Concept from Skoda at Worthersee

Skoda is planning to reveal the new Fabia Combi R5 concept at Wörthersee 2015.

2015-02-06 19:38:34
Envisioned Previews of 2015 Skoda Superb

The innovated Skoda-Superb has been speculatively envisioned for the last time before its official presentation in February.

2015-01-12 15:43:09
Sportier Skoda Superb will not be vRS

Skoda has announced about creation of a sporty variant of the innovated Superb which will be presented in February.

2014-12-30 02:03:11
Skoda Superb headlight and taillight design takes wind

The headlight and taillight design images of the 2015 Skoda Superb has been successfully revealed by Czech mass media.

2014-12-16 14:37:24
Skoda Has Shown New Images of 2015 Superb

Skoda has shown two more teaser photos of the innovated Superb which is going to make its debut in February of the next year.

2014-12-12 16:44:36
Skoda Shows the Innovated Superb and States the First Details About it

Skoda has shown teaser photos of camouflaged prototypes after the first set of spy photos with the innovated Superb which appeared yesterday.

2014-11-14 15:56:44
Skoda Fabia R5 Teaser before its Disclosing on November 29

Skoda has set a teaser video for the forthcoming Fabia R5 which is going to be disclosed on November 29.

2014-10-17 15:37:45
Skoda Fabia R5 Lightened before its Rally Debut in 2015

A few photos of Skoda R5 were shown by Skoda after an announcement in the end of 2013.

2014-08-27 12:13:49
Interior Innovations of Next Year's Skoda Fabia

First official promo of the cab of new Fabia has appeared online.

2014-07-24 13:49:59
Creative Approach to 2015 Skoda Fabia

A rendering of next year’s Skoda Fabia was inspired by a teaser coming from the company.

2014-07-18 12:26:32
Design Sketch Leaked Next Year’s Skoda Fabia

One can already see the way the next generation of the Czech brand’s model will look like during its soon release.

2014-07-01 11:38:03
Skoda Octavia RS Leakage Might Conceal 276 HP

Car spies have spotted a prototype of Skoda Octavia RS and given start to allegations about model disguise.

2014-03-19 12:36:29
New Fabia to be Expected from Skoda when Summer Ends

The Czech brand has shared its plans for next model years.

2013-12-13 01:40:13
Release of Skoda Octavia Scout Is Planned for 2014

By the end of summer Europe will see Skoda Octavia Scout ready for sale.

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