2016-10-10 17:07:20

Will Skoda Make a VW-Based Pick-Up?

More details about Skoda’s future on the old Continent and in America have appeared. The latest Kodiaq SUV is the automaker’s step to revive its range. According to reports, there should be a pick-up truck as well.

The producer’s pick-up rides with the VW Amorak’s platform. Werner Euchhorn knows that there is plenty of pick-ups around the globe, but he is sure that their creation will help to find out how the business model works.

However a pick-up from Skoda can happen, it won’t happen soon. The company has to analyze everything first. It will probably compare the unit with the Alaskan from Renault, Navara from Nissan and the awaited pick-up from Mercedes-Benz.

Let us wait and see with what the automaker will surprise us.