2017-01-04 16:15:18

Skoda Provides 5-Year Warranty in Australia

Skoda has updated its warranty offering from 3 to 5 years on private, general and government cars. It still carries over the already unlimited-kilometre coverage.

Cars that are bought for commercial use also receive a 5-year warranty (just with a 150,000-km limit).

Hyundai was the first to make the leap to 5 years of warranty protection back in 1998 in Australia. Later on Mitsubishi and Kia also did this (in 2005 and 2007correspondently). Hyundai also was the 1st company to add unlimited-kilometre coverage 10 years ago. Last year Kia extended the warranty to 7 years. Citroen now offers 6 years of warranty. However, lots of companies still offer 3-year warranty.

Skoda has already offered a warranty extension for extra cost. Its Care Pack offered a prepaid 3-year (45,000 km) and 5-year (75,000 km) Service Pack.

The Service Pack will not be recalled, but the prolonged warranty of the Care Pack is a regular feature for the range that is obtained for free to RRP on any offering.