2015-09-02 16:56:35

RS 275 Cup S and 275 Nav from Renault Put into Production

Megane Renaultsport division is soon to enrich its line-up with two new modifications.

The main message of the engineers and designers of 275 Nav and 275 Cup-S is to bring the powerful cars closer to the common buyer. The couple has identical features under the bonnet: turbocharged gasoline mill with the displacement of 2 litres and 271 hp. Trophy-R limited model is to complete the range.

Cup-S is the less expensive counterpart and has the brand’s chassis option and mode change in the range of 25 hp to boast of. A lot of renowned accessories manufacturers borrowed their products for this modest model, namely, dampers from Ohlins, advanced and light exhaust from Akrapovic and racing tyres from Michelin. Those opting for this Renault Megane modification will have to dispose of roughly £24,000 in their wallets.

Megane RS, being an identical twin of the model described above in terms of powertrain, was specially taken care of by the designers to promote everyday road use. Its chassis is standard and wheels are 18 inches in diameter with optional Cup Chassis package. A lot of comfortable pleasantries are thrown in, including wipers and lighting automation, advanced climate control, parking technology, sunvisor with individual lights, brand’s door plates, shaded rear windows, and powerful multimedia and sound system for quality entertainment. All the perks listed above are going to demand from buyers £2,000 more compared to Cup-S variant.