2014-07-16 10:14:04

Unique British-Based Porsche

Name of 911 Turbo S GB Edition speaks for itself regarding limited geographical location.

Platform of 911 Turbo S was used for the limited batch. Each one of 40 cars will sport massive and stylish wheels and tinted windows. Anniversary vehicles will carry a special memorable logo at a range of exterior details such as doors and spoiler parts.

Storage compartment will adopt the most renowned element of the British style – the national flag, and interior will have some red notes contrasting the black upholstery. In general, within the cab one will be able to find bright colours, a lot of leather and emblems of the German brand.

Custom-made photo book is meant to become a pleasant surprise for 40 lucky owners of the vehicle. The same is very likely for the car cover. Pricing of the special Turbo S has been made public and starts from ₤150,200.