2014-10-22 13:56:30

TopCar Overviews the 2015 Porsche Cayenne's Body Kit

TopCar shared first computer ideas of their tuning item for the Porsche Cayenne of 2015.

The SUV of the enhanced comfort named the Cayenne Vantage has a benefit of a complete body kit which includes an innovated front bumper with fog lights from LED, an innovated powertrain cowl with air inlets, enlarged fenders, innovated side skirts, an outlet port for the back bumper with inserted exhaust points and a back spoiler.

The Russian automaker states that the “effective image” will be completed with superlight forged ADV.1 wheels. The kit’s details will be created from carbon fibber and Kevlar by vacuum shaping. This will give an opportunity to achieve high exactness. In such a way all details will be inserted without regulation to plant standards.

The first completed Porsche Cayenne Vantage will be launched in February of 2015.