2017-04-14 17:20:31

The Same EV Platform For Mission E From Porsche And EXP From Bentley

The whole Volkswagen Group will receive shared details throughout the range.

Making an effort to ease the cost of Volkswagen Group’s Dieselgate scandal, 3 of the producer’s most famous marques might work together developing shared chassis and other details. VW, Bentley and Porsche already want to split manufacturing costs. This could save up to $106 million per year.

According to a source, the shared development should start next year. Porsche CEO stated that there are 14 cross-disciplinary teams which are in charge of exploring the sharing of the costs. The plan is wide-ranging. It is thought out and highly-detailed.

The synergies should include shared components, quality assurance, platform development and joint sales structures. New Continental GT will be the immediate proof of the discussed knowledge.

The unit will be presented in 2018. It will be equipped with Porsche’s rear-wheel drive MSB chassis underpinning in the 2nd-gen Panamera.