2014-03-18 12:00:39

Fireproof 911 GT3 from Porsche to be Released Soon

Porsche seems to have found a way to continue selling their high-performing vehicle in the dealerships.

Company’s CEO was present at the press conference regarding the matter. He claimed that the core of the issue is found and the team is actively working at eliminating it.

A couple of reported cases of inflammations in the engine department became the reason for the brand to temporarily freeze the sales of 911 GT3 in February. Two confirmed cases were enough for the German carmaker to initiate the recall of almost 800 items of the 2014 model.

Notification was also sent to the current owners of the vehicles asking them to refrain from driving. The losses from such a measure cost Porsche nearly $200,000.

No new reports of inflammation have been transferred to the company so far.