2015-05-20 14:29:15

Facelift of Porsche 911 Spied Unscreened

The mid-cycle facelift of the Porsche 911 has been completely unveiled.

Paparazzi snapped pictures of the sports vehicle undercover. The German producer’s vehicle boasts the coming-soon design cues for the 911-gen car.

Porsche is testing the prototype now. It can be characterized with a twin exhaust which is placed at the centre of the rear bumper. Therefore, it looks like the GTS offering will receive a new exhaust set-up for the facelift. There also are new door handles and a new radiator enclosure on the engine trunk among other changes.

The producer is going to equip a lot of offerings in its range with turbocharged V4 engines. They seem to maintain performance and at the same time meet severe emission regulations across the globe. Porsche announced that these engines will be installed on the Cayman and Boxster offerings in America since the next year.