2019-07-04 22:25:26

Opel Astra get updates

In Opel presented a restyled hatch with the Astra station wagon. 

The car does not differ much in appearance from the previous performance, but technically it was modernized.

Innovations in appearance are visible through another front bumper with aluminum wheels of a new design. The company says that the cars arranged a series of tests in a wind tunnel, which it passed successfully. There is also an active plan damper in the grille, which allowed to increase fuel economy. Hatch has a drag coefficient of 0.26, wagon - 0.25. According to representatives of Opel, the best indicator in the class.

For an upgraded Astra was provided a new PSA gasoline and diesel units. These are the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder supercharged engines with a power of 110 (195 Nm), 130 (225 Nm) and 145 horsepower (225 Nm). Diesel engines are represented by a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder unit of 103 (260 Nm) and 122 "horses" (300 Nm). The fundamental driver takes a 6-speed "mechanics," the rest - both MCP and 9-speed automatic transmission.

The option for the Opel Astra is a new front camera that recognizes other cars, pedestrians, and signs on the roads. There is also a wireless "charging" for smartphones, a digital "tidy" and improved multimedia with an 8.0-inch touchscreen.