2015-12-15 16:34:25

Recall of 2015 Nissan Rogue: an Issue with Shift Selector

The 2015 Rogue from Nissan is facing a recall due to the sift selector. The thing is that it might be moved out of the “Park” position without pressing the brake pedal.

There are 33,880 vehicles affected by this recall. The Japanese company assures that there is an issue with the shift selector button. The vehicles facing the recall were gathered together in the period from February 10 to May 13 this year. The automaker will notify its customers about the issue. The dealers will inspect and change the shift selector button for free.

The cars under consideration do not conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standart 114 (called “Theft Protection and Rollaway Protection”) as they can shift out of park without pushing on the brake pedal.