2013-07-18 13:26:33

Nissan Launches Mobility Help Program

Nissan has informed about its fresh Mobility Assist program, created to support the mobility demands of physically disabled clients.

The Japanese brand will provide up to a $1,000 reimbursement for those who qualify for adaptive equipment set up on new Nissan models in order to accommodate a physically disabled driver or passenger.

The program is valid for those that have adaptive equipment set up by a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)-registered installer, and must be done within 6 months of purchase or lease from an authorized Nissan dealer. Such types of adaptive equipment have been pre-approved: hand controls, wheelchair/scooter lift, left foot accelerator, and turning automotive seating.

Orders for reimbursements must be placed within 90 days of the equipment setup.

“Nissan Mobility Assist broadens the appeal further of an already diverse product lineup and truly live up to our corporate motto of ‘innovation and enjoyment for everyone,’” informed Fred Diaz, divisional vice president, Nissan Deliveries & Marketing. “By helping defray the costs of medically necessary upfits, we’re raising the mobility of our clients nationwide.”