2013-09-13 00:42:00

Global Nissan Leaf Sales Crest 75,000

By most standards, the Nissan Leaf is a slow seller. Then again, most standards don’t apply to electric cars.

During the ongoing Nissan 360 event, marketing boss Roel De-Vries told members of the media that global Leaf sales have surpassed 75,000 units this month. In February, the company announced that global Leaf sales had surpassed 50,000.

Nissan launched the Leaf in December 2010, but it struggled to compete with the Chevrolet Volt. The disparity in sales was probably caused by the Volt’s on-board engine, which serves as a range extender, allowing owners to travel unhindered by charging infrastructure limitations.

Hoping to combat that, Nissan slashed Leaf prices at the start of the year and customer reaction was virtually instant. As monthly sales reports rolled out, the Leaf consistently outsold its Chevrolet competitor, sparking a series of price cuts by automakers with electric cars and the Chevrolet Volt.