2015-12-09 13:54:17

A Range-Extended Powerplant in Next-Gen Nissan Juke

One of the recent reports states that the next-gen Nissan Juke will be sold with a range-extended electric powerplant.

There are no many details on this topic. According to Motoring, the offering will boast the brand’s latest Pure Drive e-Power set-up. The system consists of a battery package, a petrol engine with small displacement and an electric mill sourced from the LEAF. The system will give the car a chance to generate 107 bhp (or 80 kW) and torque of 187 lb-ft (or 254 Nm).

Customers who dream of a more regular version will have an opportunity to get a regular Juke with a good choice of V4 engines. There will be a 1.6-litre motor producing 217 bhp (or 162 kW) and torque of 191 lb-ft (or 260 Nm).

Nissan has not spoke about the next Juke. A report from Motoring indicates that the model will obtain some design cues from the Gripz concept that was presented not long ago. The Juke is expected not to be as adventurous as the concept. However, it will be equipped with the famous V-Motion enclosure and might be carried over to the road-going variant.

The next-gen Juke should be presented in 2016. The model will be equipped with the CMF-B architecture. This architecture will be used in the Renault Clio and Micra.