2013-05-10 14:16:03

5-Point Exam: 2013 Nissan Titan

Do you recall the “ooga” sound cartoon heroes used to make when they noticed something outrageous?

If you wish to restore the same reaction, in your life, tell any Dodge, Ford or GM truckophile that you’re going to purchase a new Nissan Titan.

Mostly, their arguments will be well-rounded. Nissan first sold the truck nearly a decade ago and hasn’t done much to enhance it since then.

People who like trucks, who really like trucks, are better off looking somewhere else. Work horses from the Detroit 3 facilities beat it in almost every possible rank.

Everyone — Nissan also — realizes the Titan is getting by these days on Geritol and tanks worth of liquid Aleve.  That’s why the automaker poached Frank Diaz: the one who largely credited with getting the Ram in a place to brag about “guts and glory” on TV screen.

There could be something huge growing in Nissan’s truck division, but only time will show. Given all that, this week’s 5-Point Exam is dedicated to finding a couple of little things to like about the Titan.