2017-10-10 22:39:13

SUV Design For Mitsubishi e-Evolution

You might seen teaser for Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept. The producer from Japan has also provided more data on the fully-electric crossover.

The car that will debut at the motor show held in Tokyo soon is being touted as a fully-electric vehicle.

The automaker says that the e-Evolution Concept will have 3 high-performance electric motors as well as a high-capacity battery set-up. The front axle will get a single electric motor and the rear wheels will get a motor each.

The car will receive electronically-controlled torque vectoring at the rear via a YAC unit. According to the automaker, it will always provide crisp and nimble handling that mirrors driver intent.

Besides, the unit will present the automaker’s latest artificial AI system. It is able to read changes to the traffic and road conditions and driver intent.