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2019-06-06 17:47:25
Mercedes-Benz has spread the pattern of the newest SUV

Mercedes-Benz showed a teaser for the new GLB SUV, where you can see the exterior of the car and its rear optics.

2019-06-05 17:39:35
Mercedes presented the AMG variation of the newest CLA Shooting Brake

Mercedes-Benz has declassified the 'hot' AMG version of the new generation CLA Shooting Brake with the index '35.'

2019-06-03 18:28:02
Mercedes will design an opponent for Tesla Model S

Mercedes-Benz electric sedan may appear in 3 years to compete with Tesla Model S.

2019-05-31 19:48:48
It became known when the budget Mercedes cross makes debut

Mercedes presents to the public the motor show in Frankfurt the cheapest new generation GLA SUV. The event will take place in September of this year.

2019-05-30 20:04:14
Brabus created Mercedes-AMG GT with an 800-strong unit

A well-known tuning studio Brabus presented a package of developments on the 639-strong Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S.

2019-04-30 20:05:44
Postpones release of Mercedes-AMG One hypercar

Mercedes-AMG said it was debugging the release of a flagship One hypercar because the company needs to install the newest particulate filter.

2019-04-29 22:04:52
The Mercedes-Benz GLS version of X-Tomi Design

A variation of the Mercedes-Benz flagship was shown in the basic X-Tomi Design version.

2019-04-19 18:17:07
New Mercedes-Benz GLS officially introduce

The premiere of a new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLS was held at the New York Auto Show.

2019-04-10 17:39:29
Mercedes-Benz GLB: a new SUV is shown on the teaser

Mercedes-Benz has published a teaser showcase for the new GLB SUV.

2019-04-08 18:19:27
New CLA Mercedes Sport announces officially

Mercedes-AMG announces the debut of the 'hot' version of the CLA sedan new generation, which got a '35' index.

2019-02-12 17:09:49
Mercedes-Benz will add O-Class to a line-up

Mercedes-Benz is preparing a new designation O-Class for Europe.​

2019-01-30 21:10:42
Daimler is preparing a new ESF prototype

In a few months, Daimler will demonstrate the latest prototype from the ESF series.​

2018-12-29 13:30:55
Mercedes-Benz G-Class starts own sales

The newest Mercedes-Benz G-Class in basic equipment went on sale. The novelty has got a turbodiesel.​

2018-12-28 23:21:14
Mercedes provided the 4-door AMG GT with an aerodynamic body kit

Mercedes-AMG presented an additional aerodynamic body kit for AMG GT 4-Door, which is a competitor to Porsche Panamera.​

2018-12-24 16:47:09
The new Mercedes-Benz G-Class has a diesel engine

Mercedes-Benz presented the diesel version of the new generation G-Class SUV.​

2018-10-31 16:36:32
Mercedes-Benz prepared for 2019 more new products

Mercedes-Benz told about own plans for the release of new products for 2019.​

2018-10-29 16:10:49
Gruma created an Mercedes X-Class hunting car

The German company Gruma prepared a pickup truck based on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which is perfect for hunting.​

2018-10-09 21:17:23
Mercedes-Benz X-Class will get a six-wheel modification

In the Carlex Design studio will make a 6-wheel pickup Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

2018-10-08 21:53:07
Mercedes no longer needs her cult engine

Mercedes-AMG has planned a cardinal move - put aside the bi-turbo 6.0-liter V12 with 621 horsepower and 1,000 Nm.

2018-10-02 21:00:02
Mercedes-Benz declassified a new generation of GLE In Paris

Mercedes-Benz has declassified the newest GLE SUV in Paris. The start of car sales in Europe will extend from next spring.

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