2013-09-17 12:08:02

Mercedes S 500 Intelligent Drive No Chauffeur Needed

Mercedes-Benz has uncovered one of its next-gen safety techs on S 500 Intelligent Drive.

As the car’s name suggests, the S 500 Intelligent Drive has a bit of self-driving technology allowing the luxury sedan to find its way around town, through traffic and roundabouts, with no chauffeur assistance. And despite being in its early stages of manufacture, the German company informed that it wouldn’t require much more technology than what the fresh S-Class current has to make the system commercially viable.

Implementing a collection of sensors around the car along with a few cameras, the S 500 Intelligent Drive is Mercedes-Benz’s take on autonomous driving. Daimler recently informed that it will have an autonomous car available on the marketplace by 2020, echoing statements made recently by few other companies.