2020-12-29 19:39:46

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter became a $275,000 camper

Benchmark Vehicles has revealed its execution of a new project, which is the Leithaus camper. 

The vehicle is based on the 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivan. The cost of the motorhome reaches $275,000.

Developers say demand for their motorhome products has grown tremendously during COVID-19, and lines to buy a motorhome are already scheduled for 2022.

The Leithaus camper first appeared in only one custom-built unit. Engineers built the trailer for almost five months. The motor home accommodates four people. In the auto equipment, there are different insulators, insulation of windows, and air conditioning.

Leithaus has a shower, kitchen, stove, cupboard, refrigerator, table, bunks, raised roof with a tent. Water for food and shower is taken from a 160-liter tank, which has a filtration function.