2017-01-13 18:04:59

Mercedes-AMG Speaks Of Its Future

Mercedes continues to produce and sell more and more AMG vehicles.

Last year the performance division got rid of 23,261 vehicles in 2016. That was a 33% increase in comparison with the results of 2015. The company’s chief envisions a great future for the company. He sees more offerings, more power and more prestige.

It can be the biggest increase for AMG in this past year was thankfully to introduction and proliferation of the 43 line. Next months will bring more offerings in American showrooms. Expect to see C43 (Coupe, Convertible and Sedan), GLE43 (SUV and Coupe), E43, SLC43 and GLC43 (Coupe and SUV). The boss defines the 43 line as the entry point into the AMG brand. According to him, other offerings will be more hardcore.

Despite new series of V6-based AMG vehicles are spreading within the company’s range, the brand is really committed to the eight-cylinders.

Together with the latest E-Class Coupe, expect to see an AMG E50 with an innovated, biturbo inline-six unit producing 400 hp. We do not know if different AMG cars will appear soon as the E-Class Sedan is already equipped with E43 and E63 versions. However, the brand is not planning to produce an E63 Coupe, so E50 will be placed at the top of the range.