2013-07-23 11:26:35

Fresh Mazda MX-5 to Drop 220 LBS

Mazda’s broken ties with Ford and recent change to a single, scalable platform have produced a range of noteworthy products, but there’s one main question mark left in the automaker’s portfolio.

It still isn’t clear enough what Mazda is going to do for either of its performance nameplates. Information on the fresh MX-5 is still scarce, but a new report suggests Mazda plans for its fresh roadster to weight in 220 lbs lighter than the current vehicle.

That’s significant taking into consideration the current vehicle only weighs 2,447 lbs when equipped with the soft top and a manual transmission. Both the convertible hard top and the automatic transmission provide additional weight.

Mazda will cooperate with Fiat to construct the vehicle, which will lead to both a fresh MX-5 and a new Spider for Alfa Romeo. While Mazda hasn’t revealed details about the new model, past speculation suggests the vehicle will be enhanced by a turbocharged 1.3-liter 4 cylinder rather than the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four it uses today. That, at least partially, could help account for the weight savings.