2014-10-28 13:31:14

Ford Invests Money in Lincoln Redesign

Ford is going to boost its enhanced comfort vehicles.

Ford is planning to spend nearly $5 million into Lincoln from now till 2019. This will be an effort to prove that the American brand of enhanced comfort can compete with such automakers as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. An innovated car deck will substantiate few Lincoln models of the future are the first one to invest in. Internally, the model is known as D6.

The flexible deck of D6 will be implemented for sedans and crossovers. It can be configured for versions with front-, back- and four-wheel drive. D6 based models will arrive starting from 2019. They say, the MKZ sedan will be the first on the agenda. This special separate deck will give an opportunity to differentiate Lincoln products from Ford.

Alan Mulually, the previous Ford leader, did not make a significant investment in Lincoln, but the new leader of Ford, Mark Fields, is going to do this. Fields stated that it is crucial for the company to have a vibrant and relevant brand of an enhanced comfort. Therefore, he is going to invest in it and build it soon.

Ford directors state that the aim of Lincoln redesigning is to boost sales up to 300,000 versions sold each year before 2020.