2019-09-12 19:47:08

Lego showed an identical copy of the latest Land Rover Defender (VIDEO)

Lego made a new toy in the Technic line, and it is a new generation of high-precision Land Rover Defender SUV model.

The kit includes 2573 parts, which is one whole provide a fully functional car. Among the list of realistic parts from Lego Technic, there are an independent suspension, an all-wheel-drive system with three differentials, and the most complicated gearbox mechanism. Sales of a similar set start from October 1, 2019.

Regarding the origin of the newest Land Rover Defender, the car debuted on September 10 in Frankfurt. A novelty with a change of generations deprived of a frame and a mechanical gearbox. Defender got six trim levels to choose from. In total, four versions of the all-terrain vehicle will be on sale: gasoline, hybrid, and two diesel. Engines will produce 200-400 “horses” in different versions, and in pair, they will go an 8-speed “automatic machine” ZF along with a two-stage transfer case.