2014-05-05 10:55:47

Turbocharged V8 Expected for Lamborghini Urus

To add a different supercar to its array of engine-holders with natural aspiration, Lamborghini mulls over a turbo mill for eight cylinders.

Powerplant premiere is very likely for the luxury brand. Lamborghini Urus is expected to be a pioneering model powered by turbo engine in the company’s struggle for complying with environmental regulations not losing the clients. The news was delivered by CEO himself. He informed that Urus has great chances to become the first Lamborghini’s endeavour of this kind. The situation could be predicted as a lot of carmakers opt for such a decision nowadays.

The exact V8 engine model for the SUV has not been chosen yet. One variant looks more likely than the others – twin-turbo eight-cylinder with the displacement of 4.0 litres that is used by Audi in a couple of vehicles. Such an offering of the parent company will completely suit Lamborghini power requirements with its 560 hp.