2013-04-29 12:28:39

Lamborghini Gallardo Chrome Matador by ZR Auto

Auto Show starts tomorrow at the Calgary International Auto tuning studio ZR Auto will show the 1500-strong ultra car Lamborghini Gallardo labeled Matador. Tuners work hard on the exclusive product, upgrading its capacity by almost three times, as well as enhanced exterior styling, that emphasized the individuality of the model and increase its aerodynamic properties. It should be noted that the Lamborghini Gallardo Matador claims the title of one of the most rapid vehicles in the world.

To increase the performance of 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine the very first iteration of the Lamborghini Gallardo tuners used turbo kit from the brand Heffner Performance. A couple of high-performance turbochargers, strong intercoolers, forged pistons CP, fresh conrods Carrillo, enhanced intake system, renewed exhaust system, upgraded fuel system and a number of other upgrades allowed to raise the power output to 1500 HP. Equipped with a sequential gearbox Holinger, vehicle accelerates up to 433 km/h. 1/4 mile it runs in 8.7 seconds, breaking the finish line at a speed of 272 km/h. Outside sports model equipped with an aerodynamic body kit IMSA and black alloy wheels. Exclusively tinted windows and lights, and covered the body chrome foil.