2017-04-01 03:57:54

Italian Police Received 2nd Supercar From Lamborghini

These vehicles have a serious mission of transporting organs for transplants. However, it must be fun to drive such one.

If 1 Lamborghini Huracán isn’t enough, the company from Italy is giving away the supercar to the Polizia. The Bologna Highway Patrol will put the car’s high-speed capabilities to good purpose in urgent cases as a 1st-aid car and as a transporter for organs. Probably lots of drivers will be willing to be at the helm of such a vehicle. Polizia says that the Huracán will be a part of usual police operations.

The Polizia's Huracán has a body in the country’s police custom shade of light blue with white letters. The tyres feature blue-tinted sidewalls matching the body. Power is obtained from a 602-hp 5.2-litre 10-cylinder.

A whole bunch of custom equipment makes this unit a perfect one for police duty. Inside the cabin you will find a tablet that helps law enforcement. Besides, there is a bank of lights on the roof.