2014-08-26 12:33:19

German Experts Delivered Aventador LP720 Roadster MV for Lamborghini

Lamborghini Roadster has obtained an upgrade kit by DMC.

DMC team has been known for continuous work with Lamborghini in terms of upgrade generation. For the first time the world saw a standard roadster at a Chinese auto show, and the German tuning group decided to make something new out of the yellow release. Namely, the alternations imply size increase of side skirts and throwing in a rear wing. A diffuser and spoiler will also be changed.

Usually DMC delivers a 20-hp output increase for engine configuration of twelve cylinders and 6.5‑litre displacement. However, it will not be the case with LP720 Roadster MV. If it was, the already speedy car with the sprint of 217 mph could reach the mark of 62 mph from the initial position even faster.