2016-10-24 16:06:29

1,088 HP From Huracan Spyder by DMC

The DMC tuner is known for its wild things for luxury cars.

The Huracán Edizione-GT Spyder is ne of the company’s latest projects. Besides the innovated body kit, the vehicle produces 1,088 hp and torque of 738 pound feet with the help of its upgraded biturbo 10-cylinder unit.

DMC Stage 4 tuning kit is used for the Edizione-GT Spyder. In the result, the roadster is able to do 0-62 mph in 2.69 seconds while a stock Huracán Spyder does it in 3.4 seconds.

The automaker also wants to upgrade the internals of their engines.

DMC has adjusted the discussed model earlier, but the automaker gave permission to go wild on the Edizione-GT Spyder without a limit on the cost. This kit is a step further of what other tuners offer. It has provided the restyled front and rear bumper full replacements.