2014-02-13 15:57:07

Prices for K900 from Kia Revealed - Minimal $59,500 for Eight-Cylinder Model

Model year 2015 has obtained its first price tag with Kia revealing the cost of K900 V8 – starting from $59,500 plus $900 for destination for American customers.

Buyers will be able to enjoy LED headlamps, mechanized trunk and alloy wheels 19 inches in diameter with chrome finish in a couple of months.

Standard equipment in the cabin comes as a surprisingly rich selection: steering wheel with a heater and leather upholstery, seats wrapped in Californian leather and insertions of two kinds of trees. Front seats have integrated climate control; cabin is equipped with ambient light and hi-fi audio system.

VIP kit costing another $6,000 gives the customers access to a large instrument cluster, upper display and individual adjustment of driver seat. Rear row of seats and doors are power-operated and a lot of safety devices are built in.

Under the hood one finds an engine for eight cylinders and 5.0 litres making 420 bhp and torque of 376 lb-ft. K900 has a rear-wheel drive powered by an automatic gearbox for eight speeds.