2019-04-18 18:29:22

Kia add artificial intelligence to new crossover

Kia add artificial intelligence to new crossover

In New York, Kia presents the Habaniro SUV concept.

The prototype was provided for each axle by an electric motor, and without recharging the novelty passes more than 480 km. The prototype is designed to show a future 'green' line of the South Korean company.

The new car is equipped with protective bumper covers, narrow-shaped LED headlights and a decorative Z-shaped body part, 20-inch rims and doors opening upward like a butterfly wing. Habaniro doesn't have a tiger-nose radiator with traditional side mirrors.

The main news is that the car has a level 5 unmanned system. It turns out that a novelty drives autonomously, and the driver’s help is not needed at all. The management of each auto function can be carried out through a projection screen. A special system called Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving was equipped with cameras and artificial intelligence that monitor the driver's behavior and emotions.