2014-04-03 12:28:34

Massive Recall of Chrysler SUVs with Faulty Brakes

Approximately 900,000 vehicles made by Chrysler face a recall connected with making brake boosters corrosion-proof.

The affected range includes Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango produced in 2011 – 2014. Cars will be equipped with brake booster shields in order to guarantee their resistance to unfavourable weather and chemical damage.

Chrysler has initiated a recall due to customers’ complaints of excessively tight brake pedals.

The American company explains in its report that examination of the cars identified crimp joints on certain boosters, which is where the main danger of corrosion comes from. If the boosters are exposed to water and the temperature is below zero, brakes may fail. Thankfully, this remains only a hypothetical situation. Nevertheless, an accident report on the connected problem without fatal incidents was transferred to the automaker.

General Motors seems to have entered an unlucky period with the abovementioned defect being the reason of just another recall. Currently the brand deals with a similar situation of greater scales: almost 2.6 million cars are checked for malfunctioning ignition switches.