2017-04-29 14:31:14

Jeep And Ram Could Be Standalone Brands

CEO at Fiat Chrysler still thinks of making Jeep and Ram separate companies.

This person should be described as “never say never”. When Marchionne was asked if FCA’s Jeep and Ram brands could be separate 2 companies, his answer was “Yes”. He is famous for merges, spin-offs and acquisitions.

6 years ago Merchionne separated Fiat and Fiat Industrial (it used to be an agricultural manufacturing division of Fiat). CNH Industrial benefits from sales over $25 billion every year now. Besides, it is traded on the NY Stock Exchange.

Not long ago, the biggest move the company’s CEO made was spinning Ferrari into a standalone company. The brand is not traded on the NY Stock Exchange at more than $75 per share.