2013-10-31 12:27:10

Fiat Completing Deal to Construct and Sell Jeep Cherokee in China

Fiat is completing a deal with partner Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. hoping to produce the Jeep Cherokee in China.

Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne believes that this deal will help to launch the brand in China, a market which it has been fighting to enter. If everything goes smooth, the Jeep Cherokee could be offered as soon as 2015 with Fiat constructing it at its sole plant in the country, rather than a new factory.

While other companies have enjoyed success in China, the global biggest automotive market, Fiat has fought being outsold almost 15-to-1 in comparison to General Motors and VW. Marchionne believes that the Jeep brand will have more success in China, since it’s more recognizable in the country. In the 1980s, Jeep was the first Western auto-brand constructed in China.