2015-10-07 14:39:05

Fiat Chrysler pays People with VW Cars to Trade them in Italy

Fiat Chrysler wants to reap benefits from the troubles Volkswagen in having.

We know that VW offers a $2,000 customer loyalty incentive in America. Meanwhile Fiat Chrysler offers discounts of $1,700 in Italy for VW drivers in order to trade in their cars for Fiat Chrysler vehicles! These rebates are offered on top of other propositions since the automaker is looking at the race route of targeting owners of a particular company. It is known that the automaker offers $560 incentives for a Fiat Panda and $1,700 for a Jeep Cherokee in Italy.

Fiat Chrysler has sent a memo to its dealerships not long ago. It assured about a full compliance with the testing rules. The company stressed that it does not use any cheating devices. According to the reports, the producer is offering a trade-in $845 bonus in its model line-up, targeting current VW owners in Italy.

Volkswagen has been rolled in the diesel-gate scandal. The automaker stock plummets over 40% since the statement from September 18. Their sales decreased by 1.4% in Italy during September. Meanwhile Fiat’s sales grew by 24%.