2014-01-24 13:08:12

2014 Choice of Jeep Altitude

This year Altitude range from Jeep will be richer than ever with five models in the lineup due to special editions of most popular variants.

Wrangler and Grand Cherokee will be equipped with Altitude trim and enrich the dealership presentation of current Altitude models. A debut is facing Cherokee with the first time Altitude is applied to the vehicle.

Cherokee Altitude will offer the customers two drive and two engine variants: 2.4-litre V4 and V6 for 3.2 litres.

The distinguishing feature of an Altitude option is its carved and aggressive black body. Cherokee and Grand Cherokee in Altitude have already received their price tags: the former costs $25,990 and the latter - $10,300 more. As for the retail price for Wrangler finished in Altitude kit, it is anticipated to start from $32,590.

The customers will have the opportunity to choose their Altitude models in several months.

Company’s CEO reminisces the fate of Altitude and emphasizes that it all started as a solely concept option. It was the delighted feedback that moved the brand’s officials to opt for the production models of special edition variants of the existing cars. The novelty immediately found its focus group: active people of any age preferring intense-looking powerful general-purpose autos.