2017-08-11 14:53:44

Jaguar to Show its 592 HP XE SV Project 8 in the U.S. This Month

Jaguar will present the sedan XE SV Project 8. The model of the family class D +, four doors ... However, in front of you the most powerful in the history of road Jaguar.

Its five-liter compressor V8 develops, for a minute, 592 horsepower! On this indicator the supersedan was left behind not only by the vintage 549-strong Jaguar XJ220, but also by the modern four-door BMW M3, Mercedes-AMG C 63, Alfa Romeo Giulia QV.

Spurt from zero to 97 km / h takes a record in the class of 3.3 seconds. Thanks to the quick eight-speed automatic with the original software and especially the all-wheel drive transmission. Until a new model of the Audi RS4 came out, the rivals of the British car are completely rear-wheel drive and therefore not so dynamic.

Novelty from the Foggy Albion also looks like a chariot from the underworld. Aggressive front bumper with huge air intakes, wide wings and thresholds, hood with arc-shaped slit and burnished 20-inch wheels. Although most often you will see this XE from behind, and there it also fits all - a big wing, a wild-looking bumper with vertical ventilation holes, a diffuser and a quartet of exhaust nozzles. The British say that this is the lightest sedan in the Jaguar family with the V8. The curb weight is 1745 kg.